e-Commerce solutions include a website or a web based system, an impressive shopping cart, payment gateway integration, secure and scalable hosting and marketing knowledge. PowerMind Solutions gained substantial experience in every aspects of e-Commerce. This approach gives our client an edge over their competitors by including unique selling aspects.

After successful completion many e-Commerce projects, PowerMind Solutions can certainly boast about our expertise over creating the most usable e-Commerce websites. Custom, usable and company specific e-Commerce solution gives significant advantage over conventional off the shelf e-Commerce websites. At PowerMind Solutions we know how important it is for your company to present a professional image of your online storefront.

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E-Commerce Web Design Solutions

If you’re serious about online business, At PowerMind Solutions we have an e-Commerce Solution for you. From selecting the right domain name and web hosting package to crafting sophisticated online stores and custom web applications, PowerMind Solutions can help you establish an Internet presence that will build your business and reinforce your brand. If you’re ready for search engine optimization and eMarketing services to generate traffic and increase sales, we can help there as well. We have an extensive background in mass media marketing and product development, and PowerMind Solutions use it on a daily basis to help you get the most out of the Internet.

Online Store Creation

Using the most proven methods available, PowerMind Solutions provides e-Commerce solutions that are customized to maximize usability, functionality and design. Online store creations by Our Company are designed based on an in depth understanding of the business operations that drive the client’s organization. Understanding the business domain enables us to create an online store that provides the features and options that will best complement your organization’s mission. In turn, customers will enjoy an outstanding experience of your e-Commerce website. PowerMind Solutions has gained recognition for providing functional and visually appealing advanced online stores with the most professionally designed layouts.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations, applications and product catalog, online store creations by PowerMind Solutions are interactive and efficient. Features for improving customer service, process automation, streamlining sales, tracking inventory, and order fulfillment help our clients improve the productivity of their businesses. Custom online stores designed by our company are dynamic, reliable and user friendly, promoting customer retention and conversion. We also provide the best technology to receive and process orders, enabling clients from all over the world to conveniently make purchases with secured payment options.

Offering state-of-the-art e-commerce support on the cutting edge of technology, online store creations by our company ensure that your business needs will continue to be supported into the future. Providing proper planning and a scalable architecture, we design your e-commerce site to accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality needs that may arise. Generating reports and statistics to monitor performance and optimize your business, we deliver valuable tools to maximize your ROI.

eCommerce Integrations

Thanks to the digital age that we are living in, running a business without a web presence is next to impossible. An online presence is an absolute must, and it is mostly driven by the demands and expectations of the consumers. Having a strong web presence, helps you a lot as far as widening your customer base and increasing sales are concerned.

This can often be done at a lower price, because of the efficiencies that can be built into the process of taking orders online and bringing those automatically into your in-house fulfillment process. To make sure that you capture these benefits, you need a properly functional site that allows users to:

  • Browse, search and buy products
  • Place orders
  • Find out the order status
  • Check invoices
  • Track shipments
  • Update recent information
  • See their unique terms and pricing

Having such a site is not possible without integrating it with various systems concerning CRM, ERP and financial systems. Integrations are one of PowerMind Solutions LTD Services.

What are the areas that are integrated?

  • Pricing
  • Product information
  • Product Quantities
  • Promotions
  • Sales transactions
  • Customer and account information
  • Order status
  • Multi-channel order histories
  • Invoice payments
  • Copy invoices

e-Commerce Hosting

Convenience is a primary reason for the enormous popularity of online shopping, therefore the success of an online store depends on the support of e-commerce hosting that is stable, secure and reliable. We understands the importance of these factors, therefore we utilize the most advanced solutions available to deliver the highest of standards in e-commerce hosting. The experts at PowerMind Solutions strive to maintain the maximum up time achievable.

e-commerce websites require additional space and transfer to accommodate shopping cart functions and scripts, while still ensuring reliable and smooth operation of the store. We classmakes sure to provide the space to handle the current product offerings of our clients, while also allowing room for future expansion and upgrades as needed. PowerMind Solutions provides a full range of scalable hosting options, including web design expandable server space, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting.

e-commerce sites hosted our company also feature the simple and secure payment processing that consumers demand. We provide the best web design technology available for processing orders from around the world. Taking the utmost care to provide the most stable and secure e-commerce hosting, as well as the reliable and prompt support that you need, PowerMind Solutions is your source for the best e-commerce hosting solutions.

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