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It’s about time to eliminate the back and forth, the manual data entry, and the inefficient processes. From sourcing to offer generation, we’re committed to streamlining the way you work.
Maximize the value of your existing help desk software and extend customer satisfaction with PowerMind Solution’s range of integrations, plugins, and apps.

Software Integration Setup

The software integration setup method is planning with program and project managers to coordinate with the facility operations manager. Allocated resources such as computers (i.e., work stations), and hardware units are provided to the software design, developer, and test teams to conduct informal integration testing. The software engineering builds and loading into hardware units are performed by selected build engineers.

Advantages of Integrated Software Applications

  • Process Efficiency Across Your Organization
  • Dramatically Improved Visibility
  • Significant IT Time and Cost Savings
  • Accelerated growth
  • User-Driven Innovation

Usage of integrated systems:

Increase your sales and customer satisfaction by integrating your ERP or accounting software on your eCommerce platform.
Integrate CRM tools to your help-desk and take customer support to the next level.
Integrade your PBX with ERP or CRM platform track all calls and increase Customer satisfaction.
Integrate your eCommerce platform to social media and increase your sales and Customer satisfaction.
Track events of live chat sessions in Google Analytics. Thanks to these data you can evaluate impact of live chat to conversions of your website or impact of your agents to your company’s sales.

Integrated Platforms

  • M.P.A Accounting Software
  • ICG Manager
  • Open Cart
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Asterisk
  • SuiteCRM
  • Fusion Directory
  • Next Cloud
  • Gitea
  • FrotCom
  • Custom Platforms
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Allowing your project to collaborate and communicate is vital in today’s markets.

Our programmers will integrate web technologies allowing them to communicate and operate correctly, efficiently.
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