Since we are a local website design firm we get to talk to people all the time who think they should be able to get a nice website designed for a couple of euro’s. The problem is that they don’t understand the difference between cheap design and quality design.

And I don’t really blame them because there isn’t really a lot of good information out there and unfortunately some web design firms charge a lot for shit.

So people are confused. Why pay €1000 for a website when you could possibly get it for €250? What gives? Why such a difference?

The difference lies in the creative/design process. You get what you pay for. There’s a world of difference between having an experienced, high-end designer and internet marketer working on your website compared to some average designer who thinks they build “okay” websites.

Your website is probably one of your most important marketing assets you have in the 21st century so why would you want to have something any less than amazing? Why would you not care about the little details that a good designer cares about and just put something “average” out there for your customers to see? Is the message you are trying to communicate to everyone that you are okay with average? Don’t you see that your website is often times the first impression people have of your company?

Design matters. In fact, it matters a lot more than you may think. Why do you think Apple does so well? Their products are amazingly designed. Sure, a computer is a computer but why did Apple take the world by storm with their iMacs? In one word… design.

Great design costs money. There’s a boat load of average designers and lots of companies willing to provide you with a cheap design. If your company isn’t worth a lot to you and you want to have that kind of image out there then go for it.

Another reason you should really consider paying more for good design is for the way the website is built. At PowerMind Solutions we actually build it so it will rank well on Google. Why have a website that looks pretty if nobody is going to find it? And anyone who knows that they are doing isn’t going to be cheap when it comes to properly structuring a website. It takes a professional who knows how to do it right.

What about conversions? Ever thought about the fact that having someone calls you or fills in a form from your website is worth a lot to you? Did you know the difference between a high converting website and a low converting website is going to have a huge impact on your profit? Why would you sacrifice low conversions just to save a few euros?

At the end of the day, biz owners who think they are saving money by using a cheap website design company are totally wrong. It will actually cost them more in the long run (but at least they can feel good in the short-term that they saved a few euro’s on the most valuable marketing asset they own).